Cash-Out Refinance Loans

Another option within the area of refinance would be opting for exploring a Cash-Out loan. With this option you are borrowing against your home’s value to get a monetary payout. Ultimately, with a cash-out loan you are paying off your current mortgage and receiving a new mortgage. Often this new mortgage will then have new terms than your original loan, as well as a shorter time period for paying this off, which will result in a new amortization schedule reporting the monthly payments you need to make in order to pay off the principal interest on the loan.

Some factors to consider that will determine your cash-out eligibility options include your credit score, loan-to-value ratio, the loan amount required (which will determine whether to consider Conforming, Super Conforming or Jumbo), term of the loan and when you intend to pay it back, and how much equity you are looking to borrow. Additionally, the higher your income and credit score will be a major determining factor in the refinancing options available to you.

Some notable benefits of a cash-out refinance loan include:

  • Consolidating your debt into one payment
  • Increasing monthly cash flow, paying off high interest
  • Equity can be used to complete home repairs/renovations
  • Paying for school programs/college tuition
  • Paying off outstanding medical bills
  • Investment property purchase
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