Mortgage Checklist

Here are some important things to get together ahead of time when getting a mortgage.  Having this information readily available will ensure you close as fast as possible!

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Last 30 days of paystubs

* 2016 and 2015 W2’s

* 2016 Federal tax returns

* Copy of most recent checking account/bank statement for the last two months (the one that will be used for the Earnest Money Deposit and the cash you will bring to close.)

*Copy (front and back) of your canceled Earnest Money Deposit – or the bank statement that shows it has cleared your account

*Copy of your Driver’s License

*start working on your Homeowner’s Insurance quotes and once you accept a quote have your agent email it to

* last 401K statement and your 401K Summary Plan Description or Terms and Conditions for all of the 401K accounts

*BK Papers and Discharge of Debtor

*Sheriff Sale