Is it the IRS or a scam?

The IRS called me just now and said I owe back taxes, and if I don’t pay right

away they are sending the sheriff over to arrest me.  The IRS just called me

and said that there was suspicious activity going on with my social security

number.  That I need to pay a fee to safeguard my number otherwise it

could be suspended, frozen or deleted.


Be aware that there are thieves out there looking for a variety of ways to

impersonate the IRS.  They will use any means necessary to scam you into

making a payment before you can validate any of their claims that you owe

money or someone is using your social security number or other private


Understand and know the warning signs:

First:  The IRS never initiates a first contact in any other way than by US mail.

If you receive a phone call – hang up – it is a scam.  If you receive an email don’t

open it – it is a scam.  Be aware that email like this probably contains malware

that can damage your system or search your documents for sensitive personal data.

It can also attach itself to your mailing list, and send out email in your name so

it can infect others computers as well.

Second:  The IRS is not allowed to, and therefore never demands payment over

the phone.  They will not ask for your credit card or debit card information over

the phone.  They will not ask for your banking information over the phone.

They will not demand the use of a specific type of payment over the phone.

Third:  The IRS is not sending anyone out to arrest you.

Fourth:  If there is going to be any enforcement action by the IRS it will come in

the form of tax liens and or levis.  That will also happen in the form of writing,

and the taxpayer will always have the chance to question and challenge this type

of action.

Fifth:  Understand that scammers are bullies.  They use intimidation and fear.

Stay calm, and don’t fall as prey to their lies.  Don’t become a victim.  Should you

ever have a question about the validity of a scammer’s claim.  You can call your

tax pro or the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. Or go to the nearest local walk in center.



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