Tax Season Is Upon Us


Tax season has returned and as we all know we will have to face an unusual situation

In trying to get our taxes done this year, but in a safe way.

Here at AIM Tax we are going to try and provide as many avenues as possible to get

that accomplished.

  1. 1) If a face to face, or should I say mask to mask, meeting is required it will be done in a maintained environment of social distancing with masks required.  There will be no exceptions to this.
  1. 2) You may drop off your paperwork at anytime day or night. The front door has a large mail slot where you can drop off your documents.  You will receive a call when the return has need of further information or the return has been completed.  Then when you come in to pick up and pay masks will be required.
  1. 3) Our software contains a new feature this year.  It now includes a portal.  This portal will allow our clients to send us their documents, see and sign their return without ever coming into the office.  For existing clients it would be just a matter of sending a link to your email address.  You would then follow the steps accordingly to create an account. To create the account you will need to enter your name as it appeared on your previous years tax return.  So if your first name is Joseph, you will need to use Joseph and not Joe to create the account as it will not match.  The same goes for your last name.  You will also need to enter your birth date and social security number.  You will be directed to create a user id as well as a password.  You will also be asked to list your phone number and email address.  Upon trying to login you will be prompted to receive a security code either by text or by email to login to your account.  For new users I will need your basic information plus your address to create a file before I can send you a link to create a portal for you to use.
  1. 4) You can also fax your documents to us at 616-988-6170.
  1. 5) You can also scan and email your documents to or to

It is my personal goal to try and make this as safe a tax season, while providing the highest service possible under this circumstance.  Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mike Skobrak

Manager Tax Services

AIM Financial

3738 28th St. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49512

616-855-3300 x 2

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